Ice hockey is a passion shared by all the Fletchers. Nick's Swedish genes and early exposure to the sport account for his love of it. Penny became hooked while living in Sweden in the late 80's - she finds the big shorts sexy! Nick and Penny were season ticket holders at their local team, Borås HC, and travelled to all their away games for two seasons.

In 2004 they took Alex and Bea to watch their first ice hockey matches at Blackburn Arena. There they were spotted and recruited by the tireless Alan Amos and embarked on skating skills and stick & puck sessions. They quickly achieved the necessary grades to join the local junior teams and their fortunes can be followed on their individual sub-pages. Worth noting is that in the summer of 2004 both of them tried out a version of ice hockey at our cottage in Sweden - you can see Bea was destined to be a goalie as Alex would have had no one to shoot at otherwise!

Then Penny decided that as she spent so much time in ice rinks she might as well start playing too. So at the tender age of 21 and a (quite large) bit she joined the Blackburn Thunder Ladies team for the 2007/08 season.

So when is Nick going to start playing? Probably never - he's still playing 5-a-side football every week and spends all the time between games in agony trying to recover for the next game. To then have to learn to skate and start a new sport from scratch is just one bridge too far.

The last 3 summers Alex & Bea have attended Borås HC's summer hockey training camps. The high standard of training and the intensity of the week long camp have led to marked improvements in both of them - so much so that Penny joined them in 2008.