Nick & Penny had one of the BA 2-for-1 vouchers to use before the end of February and decided to go to South Aafrica for just three short nights - that was all the time that was available between hockey matches!

From Joburg airport we rented a car and drove 2 hours to Pilanesberg Wildlife Park - a 110km diamater park set in an old volcanic crater. We had been there before and so knew that this was a perfect location to spot lots of wildlife without having to drive enormous distances. We stayed in a safari tent so we could experience the full sound of the African bush!

We had OK weather for our short stay with some early morning rain that proved challenging for photography, but fantastic for wildlife spotting - 2 separate lion spots in 2 days which is better than we have ever done before. We would definitely do it again next year - time permitting and if the kids let us go!

Here are some favourite pictures from the trip.

 Romantic elephants! They made us reverse over 1km along a dirt track.
 Rhinos on their way to a waterhole for a drink.
 An early morning sighting in the rain of a young male lion.
 The other lion sighting. This lion kept walking towards the car and stopped just long enough for this picture.
 A jackal prowling through the grass - they like to stick close to lions.
 Pilanesberg has a large zebra population and there were plenty of young zebras to watch.
 A pied kingfisher. Birds are tricky to photograph, but this kingfisher was watching some fish intently and sat still for long enough.