After two fabulous visits to Grand Cayman we wanted to explore other great snorkelling islands of the Caribbean. For this trip our key drivers were easy snorkelling and somewhere that KLM flew to, as Nick had a ton of KLM miles to use up. The choice was narrowed to the ABC islands - Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao - just off the coast of Venezuela and from these Curaçao emerged as the favourite.

Following lots of web research we rented a super villa with a pool and the use of a car and we then spent 10 days driving around the island searching for the ultimate snorkel beaches, climbing Mount Christobal and having a look around Willemstad.

A typical day on a typical beach. There weren't many people about! 

The snorkellers return. We saw some fabulous marine life. The highlight was the eagle rays, but we also saw lots of turtles, moray eels etc. 

Alex holding a baby tutrle that we found on a beach. 

 In Willemstad for the day. The architecture was remeniscent of Hanseatic Dutch cities. The colours were bright to say the least! 

All in all we had a very pleasant holiday. The snorkelling was not as good as Grand Cayman, but was still easily accessible and we did see lots of wildlife. Curaçao is not on the main cruise ship route and so there is no mass invasion on certain days, but it is a lot more industrialised that Grand Cayman and clearly people are not as wealthy. While we never felt unsafe, we were a lot more conscious of the potential dangers aropund us than we were in Grand Cayman.

The comedy element of the holiday was provided by the Hyundai Accent were were given to drive. It had no power steering and you had a greater chance of winning the lottery than of finding a gear.